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Teen Sample Texts

Choose from any of these tried and proven methods of recruiting teens for a CTeen summer trip. Special thanks to the shluchim who helped compile these sample texts.

Method #1: Be Specific

When asked whether they have summer plans, teens will say they do, even if they are lousy or are only one week long, in order to avoid sounding lame. 

Instead of asking "Do you have summer plans?" try following this script:


Shliach: What are you doing from 26th June - 16th August? 


Teen: I don't know


Shliach: I know now

You are coming on a cteen summer trip

this trip is going to be huge 


Teen: really?


Yes! CTeen.UK

Method #2: Aharon Hakohen

Shliach: I was just speaking to (name of friend) about joining a CTeen summer trip. u guys should so come together. you'd bring such a great spirit!


Teen: Really? what is she saying?


Shliach: She's checking to see if it works for her schedule. 

she wants to know about u


Teen:  Tell her I'm 60% going


Shliach: Can I make that 80% :)


Teen: sure

Method #3: Pique Their Curiosity

Shliach: Did you hear the news?


Teen: What


Shliach: CTeen has a trip leaving from London this summer!


Teen: Really?


Shliach: Yup. Check it out at

Method #4

Hey Zack, have you locked in any summer plans yet? CTeen UK is offering an Israel trip this summer! Check it out here:

Method #5:

Hey Justin, check out this new promo video. It's an extraordinary opportunity and we really want to send at least 1-2 teens from our chapter...Message me if you want to represent us

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