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Everything you wanted to know about the CTeen Israel Journey.

Q. What is the CTeen Israel Journey?

A. The CTeen Israel journey is a unique 22-day trip to Israel that gives teens a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the roots of their Jewish history at its source. The group will travel to Israel and discover the significance of our Jewish homeland and contemporary Jewish life. While enjoying invigorating hikes and rejuvenating outdoor adventures, they will expand their knowledge and form bonds like never before. CTeen Israel Journey provides a unique blend of fun, meaning, inspiration, and growth. Our participants emerge with strong friendships, lasting memories, and a deep appreciation for Israel and its people.

Q. Who is the CTeen Israel Journey for?

A. Jewish teens in years 11 and 12 across the UK, regardless of affiliation, who want to enjoy the summer of a lifetime and connect to their Jewish roots.


Q. How is the CTeen Israel Journey staffed?

A. Our staff are handpicked for their dedication and skill in working with teenagers, as well as their warm and welcoming spirit. In addition to our dedicated directors and counselors, a health staff member and a fun-loving rabbi or rebbetzin will accompany the group throughout the trip. Where necessary, the group will be accompanied by an armed security officer.

Q. What security precautions are taken while in Israel?

A. The safety and security of program participants is of paramount concern. CTeen’s international travel program itineraries are carefully prepared by local experienced Jewish tour companies who have extensive knowledge and experience in leading groups to the selected cities and sites. All itineraries are subject to change at any time in the event of safety or security concerns. Transportation on public buses and trains is not utilized at any time during the program. Participants are not permitted to leave the program at any time unless accompanied by a staff member. When necessary the group is accompanied by an armed security officer. While in Israel, coordinators constantly monitor the security situation and are in close contact with the IDF and Israeli Police to ensure that they are updated about any and all changing circumstances in real-time.


Q. Where does the trip start and end?

A. The CTeen Israel Journey begins in London, from where all participants and staff fly together on a group flight to Israel. All travel in Israel will be via chartered coach bus. We will spend twenty-two days, including three Shabbatot in Israel. The group will fly back together from Tel Aviv to London where the trip ends.

Q. How much does the trip cost?

A. The price for the Israel Journey will be updated once registration opens.

We are working with UJIA to provide subsidies for those who need it, so that no teen should miss out on this experience due to monetary reasons.


Q. Where will the camp be staying?

A. The group will lodge in hotels. There will be one night of camping in Bedouin-style tents. We will periodically rotate the rooming assignments to provide a better opportunity for teens to meet new friends, as well as to enhance the group dynamics.

Q. What kind of community service hours does this trip offer?

A. We will volunteer at two or three non-profit organizations. Volunteer work may include helping pack food or clothing for needy families and packaging or delivering care packages to IDF soldiers.


Q. Is mobile phone use permitted on the trip?

A. Participants are permitted to bring a mobile phone for use during the program. However, CTeen regards mobile phone use during the program as a privilege and reserves the right to revoke this privilege at any time. Participants must exercise discretion when using mobile phones (e.g. respecting sleeping roommates, etc.). Parents and friends who wish to contact a participant during the trip should bear in mind that Israel is two hours ahead of the UK time zone. The group will typically return to its place of lodging in the early evening and that is the best time to call.

Q. Will there be internet access on the trip?

A. Most of the hotels where we will be staying will have WiFi available, however very often they require a small fee to obtain the password. We strongly discourage bringing a laptop or any expensive communication devices on the trip due to the increased risk of theft or damage. CTeen is not liable for any misplaced, damaged, or stolen property or money.


Q. What does the camp fee cover?

A. Sleeping accommodations, meals, in-trip transportation, medical insurance and all program activities are covered by the core program tuition. Airfare to and from London to Israel is charged separately. Transport from any other city to London are not included in this cost and must be paid for separately.


Q. What should I bring?   

A. You can find the packing list here. We highly recommend that you only bring one main piece of luggage to check onto the plane (duffel bags are preferred, but rolling suitcases can also work) and one backpack for daily travel on the road.

Q. Will there be opportunities to do laundry on the trip?

A. Yes, there will be opportunities to do laundry. However, participants should pack enough clothing for at least 10 days.

Q. What food will be served on this trip?

A. Tasty and nutritious Glatt kosher meals will be served throughout the entire trip. Please contact us regarding any allergies or specific diets to find out whether we are able to accommodate your request.

Q. Is it necessary to bring along additional spending money? 

A. Sleeping accommodations, meals, in-trip transportation and all program activities are covered by the core program tuition. To purchase souvenirs or extra snacks, a small allowance under £35 a week is recommended. CTeen is not liable for any misplaced or stolen money.

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